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Discloses the Israeli plan to assassinate the known terrorist leaders responsible for the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes and chronicles the story of the hit-squad's leader, a Mossad assassin morally destroyed by his mission. Reprint. 175,000 first printing. (Tie-in to the Universal Pictures, DreamWorks film, written by Tony Kushner, directed by Steven Spielberg, releasing Winter 2005, starring Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, & Geoffrey Rush) (History - General)

Publisher : F Squared, LLP
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The handoff of an orchid colored card was all it took to call the Iron Ladies, a whisper network of women. They specialized in bringing abusive men to their knees. Men who abused women and abused power, men like the Camden’s. Sunday Prescott was a tech goddess, cyber espionage was her specialty. During her latest assignment, she uncovered more than she ever hoped for: Bo Camden. He was just like his father, right? But the butterflies in her stomach told her something different. And the touch of his lips left her breathless. She was torn between sleeping with the enemy or getting vengeance...Sweet Vengeance. Suggested Reading Order Iron Orchids, Books 1 through 7 Take a group of wild crazy females and mix them with some very sexy hot guys and you have yourself a great series in the making. Ariel, Always Enough - Book 1 Sophie, Almost Mine - Book 2 Katy, My Impact - Book 3 Leo, Kiss Often - Book 4 Stella, Until You - Book 5 Vivian, Midnight Call Girl - Book 6 Ringo, Slippery Banana - Book 7 Iron Badges, Books 1 through 5 You met some of them in the Iron Orchids. Now these women motorcycle officers will ride into your heart. White Knight - Book 1 Good Knight - Book 2 Knight Rider - Book 3 Knight Watch - Book 4 First Knight - Book 5 Blood Roses A group of women who are bound by their belief for doing what’s right. They’re the Black-Hat side of the Badges but they take care of business just the same. Discover what happened to each of these women that united them as a gang of vigilantes. Kobe, Bad Blood - Book 1 (Coming April 13, 2021) India, Cold Blood (TBA) Astrid, Blood Money (TBA) Iron Ladies, Books 1 through 4 “Here, take this, you need it.” It was the sacred code of a whisper network of women. The wives of controlling husbands. The partners of cheating men. Women who'd been helped by The Iron Ladies. Adeline, Getting Even - Book 1 Sunday, Sweet Vengeance - Book 2 Melanie, Delivering Karma - Book 3 Olivia, Striking Back - Book 4 Iron Horse, Books 1 through 3 Three sisters take charge of the family ranch after their father dies, eager to show the world that the strongest cowboys are women. London, Is Falling - Book 1 Paris, In Love - Book 2 Holland, At War - Book 3 Stand Alones Roads Traveled an ever growing collection of short stories and novellas from Danielle Norman. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Before becoming a romance writer, Danielle Norman was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, she spends her days trying to play keep away from Theo James who won't stop calling her and asking her out. All of this happens before she wakes up and faces reality where in fact she's a 50 something mom with grown kids, she's been married longer than Theo's been alive, and she now get her kicks riding a Harley. Danielle describes her books as Hallmark with sex. Praise for Danielle Norman “Someone give Danielle Norman a crown because she has become the queen of unputdownable reads.” - Britt The Hatters, Goodreads “I swear as much as I love the romance ...all the other parts to her books are so well written, that I'm crazy for the whole book..Danielle is an exceptional writer, her wit floors me, there are parts that have me crying hysterically, the depth of her characters is the best I've the dialogue's exactly what you would say, or would want to say ..there's no holding back..she's amazing...I've read all her books now..they all deserve 10 stars!!!” - Lenore Feld, Goodreads “Danielle Norman does it again. With each story I become more addicted. Norman somehow manages to keep senses on full alert even as she sets about stealing your heart.” - Isha Coleman, Goodreads Keywords: Iron. Orchids, Strong women, friends romance, girl gang, motorcycle, mc romance, biker, biker romance, cops, law enforcement, fbi, unrequited love, single parent, widow romance, widower, Greek, Greek family, greek brothers, brothers romance, lol romance, Walmart game, close knit, saga, saga romance, action, adventure, military, seals, delta, hero, contemporary romance, chicklit, romantic comedy, romantic comedy series, comedy, comedy series, funny romance, laugh romance, modern romance, urban romance, wealthy, CEO romance, office romance, city romance, smart romance, something funny to read, lighthearted romance, light romance, hot romance, steamy romance, proposal, proposal romance, engagement, engagement romance, free ebook, freebie, free book, free reads, free romance novel, free romance book, romantic comedy books free, romance books free, contemporary romance free, funny romance, funny romance free, funny books free, comedy books free, rom com, hilarious, romance series, romance series, romance books, beach reads, new adult, college, funny, female, stories, sensual, sensual romance, alpha male, dominant male, hot guy, racy, sexy, heartwarming, heart-warming, family, love, love books, kissing books, emotional journey, contemporary, contemporary romance, romance series, long series, long romance series, wealthy hero, wealthy heroes, sassy, captivating romance, hot, hot romance, forbidden love, books like movies, free rom-com, free beach read, new romance, free summer romance, free funny books, free ebook, free book, free contemporary romance, free romantic comedy, shopping romance, series, romantic comedy series, comedy, comedy series, funny romance, laugh romance, modern romance, urban romance, wealthy, USA today, new york times bestseller, free new york times bestseller, USA today bestseller, office romance, city romance, smart romance, something funny to read, lighthearted romance, light romance, hot romance, engagement, engagement romance, romance novel, romance book, romantic comedy books free, romance books free, contemporary romance free, funny romance, funny romance free, funny books free, comedy books free, rom com, hilarious, romance series, romance series, romance books, beach reads, new adult, college, funny, female, stories, sensual, sensual romance, alpha male, dominant male, hot guy, racy, Perfect for readers of Marie Force, Susan Stoker, Aurora Rose Reynolds, J. Kenner, Kristen Ashley, Carrie Ann Ryan, Jasinda Wilder, Adriana Locke, Zoe Dawson, Chelle Bliss, l j Shen, Piper Rayne

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The rise of collective violence and genocide is the twentieth century's most terrible legacy. Martha Minow, a Harvard law professor and one of our most brilliant and humane legal minds, offers a landmark book on our attempts to heal after such large-scale tragedy. Writing with informed, searching prose of the extraordinary drama of the truth commissions in Argentina, East Germany, and most notably South Africa; war-crime prosecutions in Nuremberg and Bosnia; and reparations in America, Minow looks at the strategies and results of these riveting national experiments in justice and healing.

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Kirsten Meredith is a successful, rich and beautiful woman who seems to have it all. But she is also a woman haunted by her past which threatens to ruin her life - a lingering past of loneliness and rejection. And most dangerous of all, of burning vengeance. Lawrence McAllister is the man who walked out on her and broke her heart. Yet he is the only man who can help her fight her worst enemy - Dyllis Fisher, a woman who has vowed to destroy Kirsten's life at all costs. And in a world where bitter vengeance will know no limit, Kirsten needs all the help she can get...

Publisher : The Battle Cry Christian Ministries
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God will fight for you and avenge you of your adversaries on one condition; that is, hold your peace. Genesis 14:14. You should not attempt fighting for yourself as stipulated in Romans 12:19. If you value the worth of the enormous benefit and advantage of God's vengeance on your behalf, then you must read the twenty one things you must do to secure divine vengeance.

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The mission that changed everything. It should have been a simple rescue mission, but when an enemy vessel packing heat and a major grudge intercepts the warship Alaska's Vengeance it's up to Captain Dani Devereaux and her crew to outsmart and outlast their ruthless adversary. What they don't know is that everything is about to change. This action-packed short story leads up to Vengeance Lost, the first episode in the Ardent Redux Saga.

Publisher : Maggie's Mysteries
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Alone, in February, in New England, ICU nurse Ginny Forbes must find a way to get a fugitive across the U.S.-Canadian border or forfeit her career, her freedom, and maybe even her life in this captivating third novel by Maggie Foster. Book Three in the Loch Lonach Mystery Series When one of the Homesteaders takes revenge on the drunk driver who killed his family, he hides the body in the Viking ship set to be burned during the annual Up-Helly-Aa, expecting the evidence to disappear into the depths of Loch Lonach. Mother Nature decrees otherwise. Brought before the clan to answer for his crimes, Charles Monroe chooses exile, and the Laird assigns Ginny Forbes and Jim Mackenzie to escort him across the Canadian border. The trip does not go well. Hijacked by an escaped convict, wrecked on the highway in a snow storm, and menaced by hungry gray wolves (among other things), Jim and Ginny find their paths repeatedly barred. When the Dallas detective assigned to the case catches up with Jim, Ginny must struggle on alone. Unable to escape the tightening police cordon, Charlie sacrifices himself to save a boy in danger of drowning in the icy depths of the Bay of Fundy, leaving Ginny to face the authorities. A cross-country thriller with plenty of twists and turns and a climax that challenges the disconnect between law and justice. Read what people are saying about Viking Vengeance “What a ride! From one exciting event to the next, these characters really attract trouble! The one-legged race description is a hoot. And what hilarious competition-level names. The handling of a moral dilemma is admirable. I enjoyed all the adventure's details, most of which I did not see coming. This story was a trip I thoroughly enjoyed. Well done!” Judge, 27th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards. “Pulls the readers into the story and keeps them engaged . . . masterfully woven.” Amazon Reader, Barbara B. “The books are wonderful to read! I truly enjoy them. Keep them coming!” Amazon Reader, Susan G. “From the smoldering ruins of a Viking death to the triumphant redemption of a man lost, then found, the story transports the reader from one delight to another.” Amazon Reader, MJF. “A solid thriller filled with charismatic characters. Highly recommended.” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards “A thoroughly satisfying read. Fantastic to curl up with.” UK Reader “There is a light humour throughout the book from the two protagonist, which keeps the reader interested in them and, of course, rooting for them. If there’s another book coming out, I will happily read it,” UK Reader “Viking Vengeance is compelling, enjoyable, and satisfying. Recommended! 4 Thumbs Up!” Amazon Reader, Bev M. Finalist – Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019

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In a land of legends The Loner has nothing to prove. That's usually when violence finds its way to him. . . Vengeance Will Be Mine For a posse chasing a murderous band of outlaws, a quiet kid with a lightning fast gun is good company. And when the outlaws turn around and attack the posse, The Loner doesn't have a choice: he's now caught up in a running gun battle across West Texas. The Loner knows the men he's fighting are bad to the bone--led by a merciless killer named Warren Latch. But what about the guys on his side? As men on both sides of the fight bite the dust, the Loner has fewer allies and no way out. That's when a beautiful bounty hunter appears on the scene--to lead the way into another vendetta, another betrayal, and one final, bloody fight to the death. . .

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Category : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN : 9780544466388
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When her father is murdered for a journal revealing the location of a hidden gold mine, eighteen-year-old Kate Thompson disguises herself as a boy and takes to the gritty plains looking for answers -- and justice. What she finds are untrustworthy strangers, endless dust and heat, and a surprising band of allies, among them a young Apache girl and a pair of stubborn brothers who refuse to quit riding in her shadow. But as Kate gets closer to the secrets about her family, a startling truth becomes clear: some men will stop at nothing to get their hands on gold, and Kate's quest for revenge may prove fatal.

Publisher : Marvel Entertainment
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ISBN : 9781302936631
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Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #326-329; Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #158-160; Web of Spider-Man (1985) #59-61, 64-65; Wolverine (1988) #19-20; Alpha Flight (1983) #79-80; New Mutants (1983) #86; Uncanny X-Men (1981) #256-258; material from X-Factor (1986) #50. Loki’s villainous machinations pit Spider-Man and the X-Men against unfamiliar foes! Spidey has his hands full with powerful sparring partners like Graviton, Magneto and the terrifying Tri-Sentinel — but when a cosmic upgrade boosts his powers, the ruthless Doctor Doom puts the web-slinger in his crosshairs! Meanwhile, the X-Men take on the Mandarin — and Psylocke is transformed! Teeth meet claws when Wolverine battles Tiger Shark! Nitro and the Vulture target the New Mutants’ Rusty and Skids! And it’s tyrant vs. trickster when Apocalypse faces Loki! Plus: Alpha Flight tackles an unholy alliance of super villains — including Nekra, the Scorpion and the Owl!