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Editorial Reviews "This series is a MUST READ. " -United Indie Book Blog Synopsis Sam O’Donovan is bored with his stale life in Montana. When his brother-in-law offers him a great job and a cut of the McCray business in Colorado, he’s ecstatic. This is the change he needs. As for beautiful Sydney Buchanan resurfacing? That’s icing on the cake. Sydney’s back for one reason and one reason only. She needs to win as many purses as she can to help her parents run their struggling ranch in Nevada. She doesn’t bank on running into Sam O’Donovan. All the sparks they shared five years earlier are still there, but so much else has changed. If only Sam could understand the decisions she made during their time apart…and trust her.

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Books 10-12 in the Sydney Rye Mysteries: Flock of Wolves, Betray the Lie, and Savage Grace. I should be the one dying. I should be dead. The doctor flashed her penlight into my eyes, and I blinked against the bright ray. My dog Blue sat on the floor next to me, his head resting on my knee. My fingers curled around the edge of the exam table, gripping onto the seat, hoping I could hold onto reality. Robert Maxim stood by the door, his arms crossed and face shadowed. He watched us, reminding me of a simmering pot, one just on the cusp of a rolling boil. The sound of thunder rumbled in the back of my brain. The stringent scent of the hospital tickled my nose. My heart echoed in my chest, pounding out Mulberry's name. He'd changed my life, Mulberry—helped me when I needed it and when I didn't. Touched me when I asked and stayed away when I insisted. Now, if my mind was to be believed, his life teetered on the edge, his leg blown off, the veins opened, his blood spilled onto the battlefield, rushing away from him. The doctor stepped back, a woman in her early 40s with straight black hair and big glasses that slipped down her elegant little nose. "You've suffered major trauma." Thanks Captain Obvious. "I think…” She cocked her head, narrowing her eyes, inspecting me like a gardener might a plant that refused to grow toward the sun. “We need to get you back to the States." She turned to Robert. Thunder rumbled louder, crackling in my ears and blotting out her voice. Lightning sizzled across my vision, and I blinked against the bright, white light. A woman's voice whispered through the storm…You are a miracle. I shook my head, trying to shake free of the hallucinations, but they clung to me like fog hovering over a harbor—thick and dangerous, but intangible, impossible to touch or avoid. There and yet not. Had my worst nightmare really come true? Mulberry, the man I loved, in dire danger. Me, powerless to help. I stayed away to keep him safe. Everyone I love dies. P.S. The dog does not die. **Beware: If you can’t handle a few f-bombs, you can’t handle this series.**

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This landmark work is the first academic study of a figure who played a defining role in the Australian evangelical movement of the late twentieth century—the inimitable preacher, evangelist, and churchman John C. Chapman. The study situates Chapman’s career within the secularizing Western cultures of the post-1960s—a period bringing momentous changes to the social and religious fabric of Western society. At the same time, global Evangelicalism was reviving, bringing vitality to large swathes in the Global South and a re-balancing in Western societies as conservative religious movements experienced growth and even renewal amidst wider secularizing trends. Against this backdrop the study explores the way in which, across a wide array of domestic and international fora, Chapman contended for the soteriological priority of the gospel in Christian life, mission, and thought. Accomplished via an absorbing blend of personal wit, impassioned oratory, innovative missiological strategy, and striking theological perception, the result was a stimulating history of public advocacy that sought a revival of confidence in Evangelicalism’s message, and a constantly reforming vision of Evangelicalism’s method. Such a legacy marks Chapman as a central figure within the generation of postwar leaders whose work has given Australian Evangelicalism its contemporary shape and dynamism.

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Her alibi… Blinded in the line of duty, police officer Collin Cash received a transplant to regain his eyesight—and woke to a vision of murder. He alone knew that the beautiful woman accused of the crime was innocent—but who would believe he was an eyewitness? And Lover? Sydney Green had never met this man who knew more about her than a stranger should. But one look in his bedroom eyes, and she knew just where she wanted him. With a killer stalking her, Sydney had to accept Collin's protection. His secrets would save her—if only she could resist the heat simmering in his strangely familiar eyes….

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An oil pipeline leak in the Gulf of Mexico looks like sabotage, and APO is assigned to find the source using any means necessary. Sydney and Dixon visit the drilling platform and discover a likely suspect, but before they can corner him, he the APO helicopter. It seems the attack was a practice run for something bigger, and Sydney and Dixon must determine the real target before time runs out. There are other matters on the agents' minds too -- Dixon is concerned about his son, Steven, and Sydney is led to wonder, not for the first time, what it would be like to have a "normal" family. But there's no time for wistful thinking when the saboteurs' plot becomes clear...and threatens to throw the country into total chaos.

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Sydney Anglicans, always ultra-conservative in terms of liturgy, theology and personal morality, have increasingly modelled themselves on sixteenth century English Puritanism. Over the past few decades, they have added radical congregationalism to the mix. Porter unpacks how Australia's largest diocese developed its ideological fervour and explores the impact it is having both in Australia and the Anglican Communion.

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Double agents, international terrorist rings, family relationships, and forbidden love are among the themes discussed in this companion guide to Alias, ABC's fast-paced drama series about the life of CIA operative Sydney Bristow. An extensive episode guide and explanation of the complex storylines offers a comprehensive perspective on the series' first three seasons. A map of Rambaldi artifacts uncovered, locations that Sydney visited, profiles of the James Bond–like gadgets used, and a discussion of continuity errors make this roll call of favorite and unknown facts about Alias essential for devotees and new fans of the drama.

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Sydney Klein has a secret. A destiny passed down through her family since the beginning of time itself. On one beautiful fall day her life changes forever when she comes face to face with her beloved grandfather who had died six months earlier. She learns what the strange birthmark on her arm really is; a key that unlocks the door to time. She alone is the new Time Doctor and no one, not even her parents, can know. She is soon faced with her first operation as Time Doctor and it will take her back to one of the most famous and bloodiest battles of the Civil War....Gettysburg. Is Sydney ready?