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ISBN : 9780857500069
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Jack Reacher's anonymity in Key West is shattered by the appearance of a private investigator who' come to town looking for him. But only hours after his arrival, the stranger is murdered. Retracing the PI's cold trail back to New York City, Reacher is compelled to find out who was looking for him and why. He never expected the reasons to be so personal, so dangerous, and so very twisted.

Publisher : Cato Institute
Category : Political Science
ISBN : 1882577299
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Contends that Washington should initiate a phased withdrawal

Publisher : Penguin
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781440638930
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Jack Reacher hunts the hunter in the third novel in Lee Child’s New York Times bestselling series. Ex military policeman Jack Reacher is enjoying the lazy anonymity of Key West when a stranger shows up asking for him. He’s got a lot of questions. Reacher does too, especially after the guy turns up dead. The answers lead Reacher on a cold trail back to New York, to the tenuous confidence of an alluring woman, and the dangerous corners of his own past.

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Tripwire is the gripping saga of one man's struggle against the shadows of war, revealing to all the silent thunder that can continue long after the shelling has stopped. Tripwire strips away the falsehoods that PTSD embeds in its victims, forcing it into the light of truth where it can be seen for what it really is.It is my hope that Tripwire will cut PTSD off at the knees before it can cause irreparable damage. I have learned that PTSD's coup de grace is knowledge and truth. And when you become entangled in its web, it is only these two weapons that can disarm the maze of tripwires this affection throws in your path.A testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome all obstacles, prepare to be catapulted into an adventure with as many twists and turns as the rivers that raged through the mountainous jungles of South Vietnam. Graphic, suspenseful and fast-moving, follow the trail of fear and courage that will challenge you to the very core.So...look out ahead for...tripwires!

Publisher : Elsevier
Category : Computers
ISBN : 0080478115
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From the authors of the bestselling E-Mail Virus Protection Handbook! The Linux operating system continues to gain market share based largely on its reputation as being the most secure operating system available. The challenge faced by system administrators installing Linux is that it is secure only if installed and configured properly, constantly and meticulously updated, and carefully integrated with a wide variety of Open Source security tools. The fact that Linux source code is readily available to every hacker means that system administrators must continually learn security and anti-hacker techniques. Hack Proofing Linux will provide system administrators with all of the techniques necessary to properly configure and maintain Linux systems and counter malicious attacks. Linux operating systems and Open Source security tools are incredibly powerful, complex, and notoriously under-documented - this book addresses a real need Uses forensics-based analysis to give the reader an insight to the mind of a hacker

Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9780201734201
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An innovative guide reveals how to perform a wide variety of tasks with Linux and other open source software by furnishing a wealth of real-world problems and then detailing the free software that comes with, or is available for Linux that will solve the problem, and demonstrates the adaptability of Linux. Original. (Intermediate).

Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
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Provides advice on ways to ensure network security, covering such topics as DNS, Apache web server, OpenLDAP, email encryption, Cyrus IMAP service, and FTP server.

Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Category : Computers
ISBN : 9780596100827
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Provides advice and tools to help Linux system administrators solve problems, offering hacks devoted to concerns such as controlling the authentication process, running a GUI Linux desktop remotely, and managing storage on the network.

Publisher : Prentice Hall Professional
Category : Computers
ISBN : 0130464562
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Offers real world examples of computer security breeches and discusses common attacks, security policies, configuration and hardware preparation, and system scanning and repair.

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Ubuntu Server is a complete, free server operating system that just works, with the extra Ubuntu polish, innovation, and simplicity that administrators love. Now, there’s a definitive, authoritative guide to getting up-and-running quickly with the newest, most powerful versions of Ubuntu Server. Written by leading members of the Ubuntu community, The Official Ubuntu Server Book covers all you need to know to make the most of Ubuntu Server, whether you’re a beginner or a battle-hardened senior system administrator. The authors cover Ubuntu Server from start to finish: installation, basic administration and monitoring, security, backup, troubleshooting, system rescue, and much more. They walk through deploying each of the most common server applications, from file and print services to state-of-the-art, cost-saving virtualization. In addition, you’ll learn how to Make the most of Ubuntu Server’s latest, most powerful technologies Discover easy, fast ways to perform key administration tasks Automate Ubuntu installs, no matter how many servers you’re installing Quickly set up low-cost web servers and email Protect your server with Ubuntu’s built-in and optional security tools Minimize downtime with fault tolerance and clustering Master proven, step-by-step server and network troubleshooting techniques Walk through rescuing an Ubuntu server that won’t boot