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"After being accused of reckless endangerment and forced to answer to the U.S. Congress, master sniper Bob Lee Swagger must protect political hostages in a once-in-a-lifetime standoff"--

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In this explosive memoir, a political consultant and technology whistleblower reveals the disturbing truth about the multi-billion-dollar data industry, revealing to the public how companies are getting richer using our personal information and exposing how Cambridge Analytica exploited weaknesses in privacy laws to help elect Donald Trump—and how this could easily happen again in the 2020 presidential election. When Brittany Kaiser joined Cambridge Analytica—the UK-based political consulting firm funded by conservative billionaire and Donald Trump patron Robert Mercer—she was an idealistic young professional working on her fourth degree in human rights law and international relations. A veteran of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, Kaiser’s goal was to utilize data for humanitarian purposes, most notably to prevent genocide and human rights abuses. But her experience inside Cambridge Analytica opened her eyes to the tremendous risks that this unregulated industry poses to privacy and democracy. Targeted is Kaiser’s eyewitness chronicle of the dramatic and disturbing story of the rise and fall of Cambridge Analytica. She reveals to the public how Facebook’s lax policies and lack of sufficient national laws allowed voters to be manipulated in both Britain and the United States, where personal data was weaponized to spread fake news and racist messaging during the Brexit vote and the 2016 election. But the damage isn’t done Kaiser warns; the 2020 election can be compromised as well if we continue to do nothing. In the aftermath of the U.S. election, as she became aware of the horrifying reality of what Cambridge Analytica had done in support of Donald Trump, Kaiser made the difficult choice to expose the truth. Risking her career, relationships, and personal safety, she told authorities about the data industry’s unethical business practices, eventually testifying before Parliament about the company’s Brexit efforts and helping Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, alongside at least 10 other international investigations. Packed with never-before-publicly-told stories and insights, Targeted goes inside the secretive meetings with Trump campaign personnel and details the promises Cambridge Analytica made to win. Throughout, Kaiser makes the case for regulation, arguing that legal oversight of the data industry is not only justifiable but essential to ensuring the long-term safety of our democracy. Targeted includes 20-30 photos.

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Contents: Brief Highlights of Major Proposals Summary of Major Findings and Proposals 1. Introduction 2. Employment Conditions and Living Standards 3. Profile of Non-agricultural Household Enterprises 4. Labor Costs, Labor Market Institutions and Employment Expansion 5. The Rural Sector: Institutional Reform for Development 6. Investing in Roads and Water Infrastructure 7. Monetary Policy, Inflation Control, and Interest Rates 8. Exchange Rate Policy and Foreign Trade 9. Restructuring Kenya's Financial System 10. Fiscal Policy: How to Pay for New Pro-employment Initiatives 11. A Restatement of Goals and Strategies Appendix 1: Earnings Function for Household Enterprises Appendix 2: Supply Shock Inflation Appendix 3: Exchange Rate Overvaluation Model Acronyms Bibliography Index

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In Legitimate Target, A Criteria Based Approach to Targeted Killing, Amos Guiora proposes that targeted killing decisions must reflect consideration of four distinct elements: law, policy, morality, and operational details, thus ensuring that it complies with principles of domestic and international laws.

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Numerous genetic methods can be utilised to link a phenotype to a single molecular target but annotated small molecule chemical probes and even entire chemogenomic libraries are increasingly being used as a complementary approach. This book will comprehensively cover the state of the art in chemical probes and best practice for use in target discovery, illustrated throughout with examples. Ideal for students and established biochemists, the book will also cover new technologies for probe discovery, new probe modalities, the new field of probes for RNA targets and the mature field of kinase chemical probes.

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Nowadays, we fast-forward through commercials and we only pick up magazines at the doctor’s office (and even then only if our phone’s battery power is low!). But the one place of advertising we cannot avoid for longer than a few minutes is online--the vast and shifting Internet universe filled with pop-ups and our own personalized cookies. In fact, an advertising avenue that barely existed 20 years ago is now the second-largest advertising channel in the United States--and is still growing!Part history book, part guidebook, part prediction for the future, Targeted tells the story of the companies, individuals, and innovations driving this revolution. This one-of-a-kind resource takes readers behind the scenes--examining the growth of digital advertising, its enormous potential, and the technologies that are changing the game forever. Author and COO Mike Smith, a proven authority on how using real-time bidding systems with finesse can dramatically promote online advertising and branding, has provided an essential resource for anyone interested in finding and connecting with customers in the astronomically large universe we call the Internet that is only growing more aware and specialized for each of its millions of users.

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This is a true story of a pathological, serial workplace bully and is written by a proud survivor. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. It is a horrific tale of terror, manifested by a malevolent mind bent on selfish ambition. It is a story of how the monster worked his way into the victim’s confidence, learned his strengths and weaknesses, and even boasted to him what he was going to do before implementing his evil plan. It is a legend of how kindness and compassion are crushed by the sinister whispering campaign and how the bosses and managers were too terrified to act for fear of retaliation upon themselves. It is textbook psychological torture, and it’s a miracle that anyone could survive it. But it is also a book of hope, what you need to do, and of how to seek out help if you are confronted by such a bully. This is a book of reasoning and forgiveness. It is also to let us know that we are not alone. Such monsters do exist, and this is how to recognize them and thwart their insidious plots.