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A Japanese Catholic, Endo tells the story of two 17th-century missionaries attempting to shore up the oppressed Japanese Christian movement. Father Rodrigues has come to Japan to find the truth behind unthinkable rumors that his famous teacher Ferreira has renounced his faith. But after his arrival he discovers that the only way to help the brutally persecuted Christians may be to apostatize himself. Translated from the Japanese by William Johnston, this special edition is issued in celebration of the release of Martin Scorsese's film adaptation of the novel.

Publisher : State University of New York Press
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A thought-provoking look at how silence is embedded in our language, society, and institutions. Sexual harassment is explored as an example.

Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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With examples from a variety of contexts, this book provides a linguistic analysis of the role of silence in language.

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R. Melvin Keiser delves into the depths of Quaker spirituality and their philosophy, showing us that we require silence to unlock our relationship with God. Seeds of Silence: Essays in Quaker Spirituality and Philosophical Theology questions the modern world's addiction to distractions and instant gratification, and leads us toward a semi-forgotten Christian tradition of contemplative thinking.

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This work is an important contribution to the civil society debate in Africa and to the global literature on dissent.

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Why are second language learners in Japan's universities so silent? This book investigates the perplexing but intriguing phenomenon of classroom silence and draws on ideas from psychology, sociolinguistics and anthropology to offer a unique insight into the reasons why some learners are either unable or unwilling to speak in a foreign language.

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This anthology is a collection of scribbling that reflects the imagination of 40 fabulous authors. Hope this book talks and listens as well. It is said that "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies." Do read these poems and tales to get a new experience. This project is initiated by BSP and compiled by Divyak Pratap Singh and Nureen Fatima.

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This is a unique must-read book. It has a revelation of hidden treasures with bifocal elements of universal need in this generation.