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Jane Fairchild, orphaned at birth, has worked as a maid at an English country estate since she was sixteen. And for almost all of those years, she has been the secret lover of Paul Sheringham, the scion of the estate next door. On an unseasonably warm March afternoon, when all the servants have been let off work for the day in order to pay their annual visits to their families, Jane and Paul will make love for the last time in Paul's own bedroom--though not, as Jane believes, because Paul is about to be married. The events of the day will alter Jane's life forever. As the narrative moves back and forth from 1924 to the end of the century, what we know and understand about Jane, about the way she loves, thinks, feels, sees and remembers, deepens with every beautifully wrought moment. Her story is one of profound self-discovery and, through her, Graham Swift has created an emotionally soaring and deeply affecting work of fiction.

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If you love Dilly Court, you'll love Sunday Times Bestseller Rosie Goodwin. 1884, Nuneaton. Fourteen-year-old Sunday Small has never lived outside the Nuneaton workhouse. The regime is cruel, and if it weren't for Miss Beau - who comes in every week to teach the children their letters - and her young friend Daisy, Sunday's life wouldn't be worth living. And now she's attracted the unwelcome attention of the workhouse master. With no choice but to leave behind everything she knows, Sunday strikes out on her own to make her fortune and to fulfil her promise to come back for Daisy. And, secretly she dreams of finding the long-lost mother who gave her away. But she's about to discover that, try as she might to escape, the brutal world of the workhouse will not let her go without a fight . . . Mothering Sunday is the first book in Rosie Goodwin's Days of the Week Collection. Why not try the rest, The Little Angel, A Mother's Grace, The Blessed Child, A Maiden's Voyage, A Precious Gift and Time to Say Goodbye?

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Seventy-year-old widowed Anna Caldwell likes to be alone, happy to potter around her garden chatting to her friend Miss Poe. However, the bliss of Anna’s peaceful lifestyle causes her five children much dismay. Jane, the eldest and most organised, gathers her siblings together to visit Anna on Mothering Sunday. Henry the politician, Margaret the doctor and the youngest, Felicity, all agree to attend with their partners . . . but that leaves Tony, the shadow on the family’s respectable past. Carnegie Medal winning author Noel Streatfeild pieces together a startling image of the post-war British family in her novel Mothering Sunday.

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I share this account of an apparently simple family event; the sharing of a breakfast meal, celebrating Mothering Sunday; as a way of thinking about how shared experiences, especially of shared meals, which are always more meaningful than they first seem. That Sunday morning, even whilst enjoying the friendly atmosphere and the delicious food, I somehow knew that there was a story to tell; this is but one version. Although my thinking is sociological and methodological, I have tried to tell it as a story, through which I might be able to capture something of the essence of the extraordinary in the ordinariness of a simple shared meal!

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'A tender and heart-breaking story with a shocking family secret at its centre...I was weeping happy tears at the end' Saskia Sarginson One crisp and bright Mothering Sunday, Alexandra Abbott's now elderly mother, Elizabeth, reveals a secret that she has kept buried for over 50 years... April 1963: Aspiring artist Kitty Campbell has recently given birth to her first child in a mother and baby home. Kitty is to give her baby away for adoption but, when the day comes, she can't bring herself to part with her tiny daughter. In desperation, Kitty flees. She stops at a tea shop to feed her hungry baby and meets the owner, Bet - a mother with her own heartache to bear. But Bet is kind to Kitty, holding the baby and offering a listening ear. Then Kitty makes a decision that will change all their lives for ever. Several decades later, can the truth from that day finally right the past and bring a mother and daughter together? A heart-rending family drama perfect for fans of Fern Britten, Rachel Hore and Dilly Court. "Full of insight and wisdom, Mothering Sunday is an inspirational story with uplifting messages about family love, belonging and second chances... the perfect gift for your own special mum" Lancashire Post

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Modern, relevant resources to accompany readers through Lent and Easter for many years, with material for Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Holy Week, as well as suggestions for a Lent discipline.

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"A Book of Feasts and Seasons" recaptures the lost traditions surrounding major feasts and festivals--every occasion of the Christian Year.

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Mother's Day Miracle is a compelling testimony of faith, patience and hope. Danger, starvation and the threat of death stared Rita in the face for seven weeks. Constant awareness of the next task at hand took her to the next moment. Rita was confident that the presence of the Holy Spirit was there, with her, replenishing Hope and Peace each day. Rita Harter is a first time author, writing about her own survival experience, widely known as; "The Rita Chretien Story." Her source of strength is her faith in God. It is not unusual for Rita to face daily challenges that come her way, with hope and courage. Motivated by a grateful heart, she has discovered the key to endurance. Today, she has a new path to explore and new mercies of God's Grace to experience.

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Leading Intercessions is a resource for individuals and groups involved in the important task of leading prayers in public worship. This user-friendly handbook covers a rich and broad spectrum 'from traditional services, to worship with children and young people, to group prayer, to personal devotions. Each section begins with practical principles and is filled with easy-to-use ideas for ways to improve presentation and creative suggestions for enlivening the prayers. Sample prayers are included, as well as material for seasons, major festivals, and special events. Leading Intercessions is a how-to book on preparing intercessions for many communal situations 'how to write them, and then how to present them in church. With a variety of activities for getting children and adults to pray, it includes material for preparing intercessions for the full year. This handbook will stimulate the reader into his or her own explorations of intercession. Leading Intercessions is divided into five sections with sample prayers in each section. Sections are Intercessions in Mainstream Worship, Intercessions at Festivals and Special Occasions, Intercessions in Informal Worship and Small Groups, Intercessions with Children and Young People, and Personal Intercessions. Right Reverend John Pritchard is the Anglican bishop of Jarrow. He was archdeacon of Canterbury and, before that, warden of Cranmer Hal, Durham. He has served in parishes in Birmingham and Taunton and has been diocesan youth officer for the Bath and Wells Dioceses.

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