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SAMMy year didn't start so well. I discovered my boyfriend was cheating on me during the Golden Globes ceremony, of all places.After that, everything went from bad to worse.Admittedly, it was partly my fault.Now here I am, in Scotland, trying to start over.I have the chance of a lifetime, and I can't afford to get in trouble - again. Still, despite the amazing opportunity, I can't help feeling homesick.Until I meet a stranger who catches my eye. To no one's surprise but my own, he's the lead actor.He's beautiful, charming and humble and the more time we spend together, the more I find myself falling for him...but we can't be together. I got a bad reputation, and he's supposed to pretend to date his costar for the cameras.HUGHI've been chasing my big break for more than a decade, and the moment has finally arrived.I'm the lead actor on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is crazy about.Work is the only thing on my radar, until I meet her, a bonnie dark beauty with caramel skin and black hair. I can't stop thinking about her, nor I can stay away from her, even when the producers of the shows want me and my costar to cozy up for the camera.How am I supposed not to fall for the sexy brunette who's around me every single day?Getting lost in each other might be wrong, or it might be exactly what we need.

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Since 1945 more than 200 of the most noted houses in Scotland have been lost, whether to fire, rot, or demolition. Fortunately, photographs were taken of many of these great structures both prior to and during their destruction. Collected here are images of 20 of the most important lost Scottish houses, among them Hamilton Palace, Rosneath, Balbardie, Amisfield, Gordon Castle, Guisachan, Dunglass, and Millearne. These images provide a fitting testimony to architectural masterpieces from a variety of eras and—in cases such as that or Murthly—offer a painstaking and heartbreaking record of their unfortunate demise.

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This fully updated and expanded second edition of Policing Scotland takes account of recent developments in Scottish policing and criminal justice against the backdrop of a dynamic political landscape and looming fiscal constraints in public services. The book offers contributions from both academics and practitioners, and not only shows police at work in contemporary Scotland, but also gives some insight into those areas where policing is carried out by non-police people and organisations. It seeks to identify what it is about Scottish policing that is distinctly Scottish, the main characteristics of modern policing in Scotland, how these have developed over the recent past, and what they have become today. In answering these questions, the book analyses policing in Scotland in the context of the new and emerging ideas about the nature, purposes and methods of policing that are developing elsewhere in the world, and seeks to determine how far Scottish policing is maintaining its own traditions, or simply becoming a localised example of wider global trends. The second edition of this popular text introduces new chapters on crime investigation, police unionism, ethnic minorities, policing violence and forensic science, as well as incorporating a major new theme which seeks to explain how those responsible for policing Scotland set about dealing with current issues such as terrorism and organised crime. This book makes a significant contribution to the current debate on policing in Scotland, and as such is an essential text for academics and those interested in policing issues.

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The economic and social problems of modern Scotland are at the centre of current debate about regional economic growth, social improvement and environmental rehabilitation. In this book, as relevant today as when it was first published in 1975, Anthony Slaven argues that the extent and causes of these problems are frequently underestimated, thus making development policies less than fully effective. The major economic and social weaknesses of the west of Scotland are shown to be rooted in the regions former strengths. The author demonstrates how, although the region and its people have resisted change, a thriving and self reliant nineteenth-century economy , based on local resources and manpower, has given way in the present century to vanishing skills and products, unemployment and social deprivation. Since 1945 economic and social planning has helped to improve the situation, although many difficulties remain. Seen in the historical perspective provided by this revealing study, the present industrial problems of the west of Scotland, and their remedies, become clearer. Mr Slaven argues that the older industries deserve more help, for without this, he believes, the ineffectiveness of development policies is likely to be perpetuated. This book was first published in 1975.

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The second edition of this book updates and expands upon a historically important collection of mathematical problems first published in the United States by Birkhäuser in 1981. These problems serve as a record of the informal discussions held by a group of mathematicians at the Scottish Café in Lwów, Poland, between the two world wars. Many of them were leaders in the development of such areas as functional and real analysis, group theory, measure and set theory, probability, and topology. Finding solutions to the problems they proposed has been ongoing since World War II, with prizes offered in many cases to those who are successful. In the 35 years since the first edition published, several more problems have been fully or partially solved, but even today many still remain unsolved and several prizes remain unclaimed. In view of this, the editor has gathered new and updated commentaries on the original 193 problems. Some problems are solved for the first time in this edition. Included again in full are transcripts of lectures given by Stanislaw Ulam, Mark Kac, Antoni Zygmund, Paul Erdös, and Andrzej Granas that provide amazing insights into the mathematical environment of Lwów before World War II and the development of The Scottish Book. Also new in this edition are a brief history of the University of Wrocław’s New Scottish Book, created to revive the tradition of the original, and some selected problems from it. The Scottish Book offers a unique opportunity to communicate with the people and ideas of a time and place that had an enormous influence on the development of mathematics and try their hand on the unsolved problems. Anyone in the general mathematical community with an interest in the history of modern mathematics will find this to be an insightful and fascinating read.

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The only reason to vote is if the vote represents power or change. I don t think it does. I fervently believe that we deserve more from our democratic system than the few derisory tit-bits tossed from the carousel of the mighty. RUSSELL BRAND From national and local elections to the debate on the independence referendum, a large part of Scotland is missing from our political and public debates. This book directly gives voice to the missing people of Scotland as Willie Sullivan (in association with the Electoral Reform Society) investigates why this part of Scotland is lost, asking the missing electorate to articulate why they find themselves so politically disengaged, what their take of mainstream Scotland is and what they feel is lacking, and finally exploring what they feel must be done in order change this for the better. A large part of Scotland is missing from our political and public debates, what kind of changes are needed for them to engage? GERRY HASSAN, Open Scotland Series Editor A lot of people in Scotland have no daily contact with democracy; they have no contact in their immediate personal environment with democracy. That is not just a jigsaw piece that is missing in Scottish democracy; it is a founding stone of democracy that is missing in Scotland. DEMOCRACY MAX Report

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Best-selling author Graham Robb finds that the 2,000-year-old map of Ptolemy unlocks a central mystery of British history. Two years ago, Graham Robb moved to a lonely house on the very edge of England, near the banks of a river that once marked the southern boundary of the legendary Debatable Land. The oldest detectable territorial division in Great Britain, the Debatable Land served as a buffer between Scotland and England. It was once the bloodiest region in the country, fought over by Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and James V. After most of its population was slaughtered or deported, it became the last part of Great Britain to be brought under the control of the state. Today, it has vanished from the map and its boundaries are matters of myth and generational memories. Under the spell of a powerful curiosity, Robb began a journey—on foot, by bicycle, and into the past—that would uncover lost towns and roads, and unlock more than one discovery of major historical significance. These personal and scholarly adventures reveal a tale that spans Roman, Medieval, and present-day Britain. Rich in detail and epic in scope, The Debatable Land takes us from a time when neither England nor Scotland existed to the present day, when contemporary nationalism and political turmoil threaten to unsettle the cross-border community once more. With his customary charm, wit, and literary grace, Graham Robb proves the Debatable Land to be a crucial, missing piece in the puzzle of British history.

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Explaining the literary history of Scotland in the early modern period (1560-1625) through the investigation of manuscript production, this book argues for the importance of three key places of production of such manuscripts; the royal court, burghs and towns.