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This is the story of a psychiatrist and his career-long relationship with a difficult patient showing how medical treatment should not just be about biology, but also about psychology.

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One lie tore two lovers apart, breaking both their hearts. And even the truth might not be enough to mend their damaged love. When billionaire RAF Group Captain Lord Richard Smith lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, he made sure his fiancée, Giulianna, didn’t find out about it. He could not bear the idea she might honor her vows out of misguided loyalty—and worse, he feared being rejected by her. Besides, she deserved a chance at love with a man without that much baggage. All it took was one little lie to get her to move on. Giulianna Foreman spent the last two years throwing herself into her work as a pastry chef and joining the best event planners in England. When she learns that her company has been hired to cater a posh weekend wedding at Richard’s family manor, the last thing she wants is to see her former fiancé again. But she’s dedicated to her job and determined to do it well—all while avoiding Richard at every turn. When the truth is finally unveiled, they’ll have to confront the massive wounds one little lie can inflict and decide if love can make them whole again. A heartwarming contemporary romance that will delight fans of The Sullivans and authors Nora Roberts and Rosalind James, Damaged Love stands on its own, but it’s also part of Cristiane Serruya’s TRUST universe. If you like this standalone novella, you’ll love the rest of the TRUST series!

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Ideal for both personal or small-group use, this workbook combines the entire text of Healing for Damaged Emotions, as well as small-group study guide material, Scriptural meditations and journaling exercises.

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How living with a chronic, stigmatizing, and contagious disease transforms women's lives.

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Our environment has been greatly damaged due to pollution and over exploitation of natural resources by human beings. All the natural ecosystems have been damaged to a great extent. Restoration of these damages is becoming a priority and of environmental interest. Science and technology of restoration ecology is rapidly evolving. Restoration requires a holistic approach. Restoration technology is now available to redirect the damaged ecosystems to their near natural integrity. In this context, this book is the first of its kind in reviewing the different approaches undertaken to restore various damaged ecosystems. Scientists currently working in this field have contributed their work in the form of reviews, site-specific case studies, technology for bioremediation and biodegradation. The book will provide first hand information in this currently expanding field and will be helpful to biologists, environmental scientists, engineers, wastewater treatment experts, microbiologists and all those interested in the conservation and management of the environment.

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Damaged: Musicality and Race in Early American Punk is the first book-length portrait of punk as a musical style with an emphasis on how punk developed in relation to changing ideas of race in American society from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Drawing on musical analysis, archival research, and new interviews, Damaged provides fresh interpretations of race and American society during this period and illuminates the contemporary importance of that era. Evan Rapport outlines the ways in which punk developed out of dramatic changes to America’s cities and suburbs in the postwar era, especially with respect to race. The musical styles that led to punk included transformations to blues resources, experimental visions of the American musical past, and bold reworkings of the rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues sounds of the late 1950s and early 1960s, revealing a historically oriented approach to rock that is strikingly different from the common myths and conceptions about punk. Following these approaches, punk itself reflected new versions of older exchanges between the US and the UK, the changing environments of American suburbs and cities, and a shift from the expressions of older baby boomers to that of younger musicians belonging to Generation X. Throughout the book, Rapport also explores the discourses and contradictory narratives of punk history, which are often in direct conflict with the world that is captured in historical documents and revealed through musical analysis.

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From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes an emotionally gripping romantic suspense. Lies are what destroy marriages or even just hiding the truth. I love my husband more than anything and that’s what hurts the most. I thought he lied. I thought he’d cheated and so I kicked him out. I said goodbye to the one man I ever loved even while he begged me to trust him. The hardest part is throwing away true love. And that’s what we had. With secrets I couldn’t have possibly imagined, I was torn between what’s right and what was right for us. But let me start at the beginning. Back to when I knew nothing but how deeply we loved each other yet how damaged our marriage had become. “In my reading life, I have come across books that have touched my soul. I have read books that have made me breathless. I have read books that took a piece of me and left on the pages of the book. Damaged is one of them. What an emotionally driven book. What a soulful and heart entrancing piece of literature that consumed and crippled me. I was reading a book utterly heart-breakingly beautiful... I was reading a book so captivating with a moving storyline that almost damaged me.” - Tanaka K Topics include: mafia romances, dark romance, dark romance mafia, alpha business man book, billionaire romance, billionaire romance series, possessive alpha romance, willow winters books, w. winters books, contemporary romance, contemporary, romance novels, survival romance, the best romance series ever, bestselling series, captive romance.

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Built on a strong foundation in restoration ecology, this unique handbook provides practitioners, academics, and managers with vital tools needed to plan for ecosystem conservation, to restore degraded ecosystems, to make cost-effective restoration decisions, and to understand important legal issues. Rehabilitation of Damaged Ecosystems, Second Edition boasts three completely new chapters and five major chapter revisions. Coastal wetlands restoration, watershed rehabilitation and management, mined land reclamation, revegetation of disturbed ecosystems, and river and stream restoration are only a few of the critical topics explored in this timely reference handbook. This Second Edition provides valuable, reliable data as well as practical methods and techniques for the ongoing fight to protect natural resources and restore damaged ecosystems.

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What are the psychological problems caused by modernization? How can we minimize its negative effects? Modernization has brought many material benefits to us, yet we are constantly told how unhappy we are: crime, divorce, suicide, depression and anxiety are rampant. How can this contradiction be reconciled? Damaged Life, originally published in 1996, presents a powerful and progressive analysis of modernity’s impact on the psyche. Tod Sloan develops an integrated theory of the self in society by combining perspectives on personality development and socio-historical processes to explore our complex response to modernization. He discusses the implications of postmodern theory for psychology and proposes concrete responses to address the issue of mass emotional suffering. His book should be read not only by those working within psychology and related disciplines such as sociology and social policy, but also by anyone seeking enlightenment about the predicament of the self in contemporary society.

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