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Her mind tried to fight a bloody battle against what her body already knew. She wanted him, and she wanted him bad. On the heels of college graduation and the unexpected death of her mother, Emily Cooper moves to New York City to join her boyfriend for a fresh start. Dillon Parker has been sweet, thoughtful, and generous through Emily’s loss, and she can’t imagine her life without him—even as her inner voice tells her to go slow. Then she meets Gavin Blake. A rich and notorious playboy, Gavin is dangerously sexy and charming as hell. Their first encounter is brief, but it’s enough to inflame Emily’s senses. When their paths cross again through an unexpected mutual acquaintance, she tries to deny the connection she feels, but Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome won’t let go so easily. As she discovers Gavin’s pain-filled past and Dillon’s true nature begins to surface, Emily knows she must take action or risk destroying everyone—including herself. But how can she choose when she can’t trust her own heart?

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This book is a reminder of how fragile relationships can be once trust has been broken. It is the story of Addison, a successful sports photographer, who finds married life becoming too predictable. She decides to take some chances and crazy risks and is soon romantically involved with a much younger lover. But the excitement soon leads to deception and Addison discovers how daunting deception can be. Suddenly her life is thrown into a tailspin and everyone she once trusted becomes entangled in a world where truth and fantasy collide dangerously and leave behind serious consequences.

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Respected scholars provide thorough yet accessible answers to the deep spiritual questions that most often challenge one's faith and the ability to share it with others.

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One hundred years of peace are at an end . . . In the land of Abyumo, Orion and his dragon, Saphron, live in a mountain stronghold. They’re trying their hardest to make it to the coveted training mountain, in the hopes of making names for themselves, but they can’t even beat their closest friends in a practice duel. When they inadvertently become the sole witnesses to a horrific event, it’s up to them to find a way to stop the dark rider, Dredon, and his dragon, Obsidian. Will they be able to gather an army and train enough to defeat them before the stars collide? Or will the dark dragon and his rider take over?

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Where Worlds Collide is the fascinating story of a biologist's spectacular discovery that has deeply changed the way we view the world.

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The epic conclusion to Chris Colfer's #1 New York Times bestselling series The Land of Stories! In the highly anticipated conclusion to the Land of Stories series, Conner and Alex must brave the impossible. All of the Land of Stories fairy tale characters--heroes and villains--are no longer confined within their world! With mayhem brewing in the Big Apple, Conner and Alex will have to win their biggest battle yet. Can the twins restore order between the human and fairy tale world? Breathtaking action mixed with laugh out loud moments and lots of heart will make this a gripping conclusion for many fans!

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This book examines the policies of multiculturalism and the conflicts of values they generate between native Dutch and Muslim immigrant communities in the Netherlands. The authors adopt an empirical analytical approach in their treatment of the apparently vexing issue of multiculturalism in Dutch society, using the case of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh brutally murdered on a busy Amsterdam street in 2004 by a Dutch Moroccan offended by van Gogh's controversial film about Muslim suppression of women. The central thrust of their argument is that policies that were designed to protect the distinct way of life of the Muslims and promote tolerance are paradoxically breeding intolerance on both sides.

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2Gpa has increased to more than 15. This indicates that subduction of continental fragments to depths of 100-150 km may have played a significant role in the formation of mountain belts. This volume brings together the geochemical, geophysical and geodynamical approaches to study the processes active during ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) tectonics. The collection of papers demarkates the frontier of our understanding of the creation, preservation, and exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure rocks. Audience: This volume will be of interest to any earth scientist interested in ultrahigh pressure processes and the formation and modification of continental crust.