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It's elk season in the Rockies, but a different kind of hunter is stalking prey in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Joe Pickett series. Game wardens have found a man dead at a mountain camp—strung up, gutted, and flayed as if he were the elk he'd been hunting. Is the murder the work of a deranged anti-hunting activist or of a lone psychopath with a personal vendetta? Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is the man to track the murderer and stop him, before someone declares open season on humans...

Publisher : Daw Books
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Private investigator Vicki Nelson and vampire Henry Fitzroy must race against time to discover who is trying to destroy Canada's werewolves.

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The gruesome murder of a popular high school student turns two small-town neighbors against each other Aaron Gingrich is a well-liked high school senior who always seems to have a smile on his face. He and Jeremy Davis have been inseparable since elementary school. But one day Jeremy senses that something is wrong at Aaron’s house—and then Aaron is found brutally murdered. Reeling from the loss of his friend, Jeremy has no one to turn to. His small town is suddenly abuzz with grisly rumors, and Jeremy was the last person to see Aaron alive. Subjected to polygraph tests, ostracized by the whole community, and treated like a criminal, Jeremy knows he needs to go to the police. Meanwhile the killer still walks free—closer than anyone can imagine. And no one but Jeremy suspects the truth.

Publisher : AuthorHouse
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A woman called Siena enters the future through a picture or time portal and befriends a man Jack who later discovers he is in love with a vampire. However this is just the beginning of his problems as vampire slayers also enter the future and both are faced with more than they bargain for in this fast pace story of romance and intrigue. The story takes the readers through a journey through time meeting interesting characters and danger around every corner. Siena wants to be human again and asks god to help her reach her goal, a guardian angel called Faith appears with a mission to defeat the vampire that cursed her life, in order to be human again she persuades Jack and others to help her achieve this.

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Edinburgh has Rebus.The Highlands have Logan.Now Yorkshire has Grimm ...Welcome to Wensleydale, where the cheese is famous, the scenery beautiful, and the locals have murder on their minds ...Detective Chief Inspector Harry Grimm is forced to take leave from Bristol's Major Investigations Team when his boss, tired of Harry chasing the ghost of his murderous father, sends him north on secondment.Used to city life and high stress, Harry fears his life will now be spent handing out speeding tickets, finding lost sheep, and directing tourists. But when a local teenager runs away, Harry finds himself pulled into an investigation much worse than anyone could have ever expected.The nicer the place, the darker the secrets. Wensleydale is beautiful, everyone is friendly and welcoming, and people just don't get murdered ... do they?A classic fish-out-of-water crime mystery set in the stunning and evocative scenery of Wensleydale in North Yorkshire.Grimm up North is the terrific debut crime novel from award-winning author David J. Gatward. Perfect for fans of L. J. Ross, J. D. Kirk, Simon McCleave, Alex Smith, J. M. Dalgliesh, J. E. Mayhew, and J. R. Ellis.

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The Blood Trail is a compelling and a heart wrenching story of a journalist Henry Miller, who riding high on his ambitions, finds himself in troubled waters after conducting an interview of a politician during a dystopic upheaval in his country Caelinia. His journey through different prisons and captivity in restive Riverrand and his time with a group of outlaws leave him in a very frustrated state of mind as he undergoes torture and survives very close shaves with death all because of a conflict he never willed to be a part of.

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ISBN : 9780786032013
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“Every page crackles with authenticity and truth. This is the kind of true crime that grabs you by the throat and never lets go.” —Gregg Olsen, #1 New York Times bestselling author In this classic true crime book, veteran journalist Steven Walker and decorated police detective Rick Reed delve into the disturbed mind of a sadistic serial killer. The murderous crimes of serial killer Joseph W. Brown first came to light in October 29, 1997, when Andrea "Slick" Hendrix's beaten and strangled naked body was discovered in a roadside ditch near Stewartsville, Indiana. With no leads for police to follow, the case went cold, but it wouldn't stay that way. In 1999 Brown, an ex-con with a brutal history, met Ginger Gasaway, 53, at a Gambler's Anonymous meeting. She didn't know that when she took up with him, she was gambling with her life. On August 30, 2000, Brown murdered and dismembered Gasaway and scattered her remains across three Indiana counties. Detective Rick Reed of the Evansville Police Department was on the scene when Brown led investigators to his ex-lover’s body parts. Reed was again present when Brown later confessed that during the past five years, he had indulged in a seven-state rampage of torture and murder, including Andrea Hendrix among more than a dozen victims. For Gasaway’s grisly death, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. But being behind bars did not end his murder spree. On June 19, 2011 Brown strangled his cellmate, Charles Miller, to death, then called to the desk sergeant to come and get the body. Blood Trail tells the twisting, fascinating true story of a monster who killed at whim—and the dedicated law enforcement professionals who brought him to justice. Includes 16 pages of photos

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ISBN : 9781760987428
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Evil is at play in a South African game reserve. A poacher vanishes into thin air, defying logic, and baffling ace tracker Mia Greenaway. Meanwhile Captain Sannie van Rensburg, still reeling from a personal tragedy, is investigating the disappearance of two young girls who locals fear have been abducted for use in sinister traditional medicine practices. But poachers are also employing witchcraft, paying healers for potions they believe will make them invisible and bulletproof. When a tourist goes missing, Mia and Sannie must work together to confront their own demons - which challenges everything they believe in - while following a bloody trail that seems to vanish at every turn. Prasie for Tony Park: 'A mast storyteller. I love his work.' - Deon Meyer 'Tony Park is Australia's premier adventure writer.' - Canberra Weekly

Publisher : Harvard University Press
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Drawing on sources in eight countries and ten languages, Magda Teter tells the history of the antisemitic blood libel myth, whose long shadow extends from premodern monastic chronicles to Facebook. The vocabulary and images that crystallized and spread with the invention of the printing press are still with us, as are their pernicious consequences.

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Her "father's" deathbed confession reveals that Holly's real father was almost certainly the notorious serial killer known as "The Hunter," and that her mother gave Holly up to save her life. But The Hunter was never caught—and Holly's mother simply vanished. In search of her past, Holly leaves both her home and Bud Tate, the handsome ranch foreman she's afraid to love, horrified by the knowledge that the blood of a depraved killer might run through her veins. Haunted, driven, she searches for The Hunter and hopes her mother was wrong. But her search leads to a terrible truth no one could have imagined, and even Bud's determination to follow and protect the woman he loves may not be enough to save Holly from the terrors of a past become present.