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Shelley Shepard Gray’s first book in her Charmed Amish Life series is set in the quaint Amish village of Charm, Ohio, and tells the stories of the Kinsinger siblings who are each struggling to find both forgiveness and love in the face of tragedy. Three months ago, everything changed for Darla Kurtz and her family. Darla’s father was responsible for a terrible fire at Charm’s lumber mill which killed five Amish men. And though he, too, lost his life, the town of Charm hasn’t looked at her family the same since. Even Lukas Kinsinger—with whom Darla used to have a close friendship. Now her brother’s anger at the town is spilling over onto Darla, and she has the bruises to prove it. The accident already cost five lives, but if something doesn’t change soon, Darla fears it will cost her—and her family—even more. Lukas Kinsinger wants to mourn the loss of his father, but he can hardly find the time to breathe. Suddenly the head of his father’s lumber mill and responsible for taking care of his three siblings, he’s feeling the pressure. He has also never felt more alone—especially with the new tension between he and Darla. But when he learns of her troubles at home, Lukas knows he can’t simply stand by and watch. Someone has to help her before another tragedy occurs. As Lukas and Darla attempt to repair their families, they discover something deeper than friendship growing between them. But will Lukas and Darla’s love be accepted after so much loss? Or will the pain of the past overcome any chance of future happiness?

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A sizzling reunion will change one billionaire’s life forever in this shocking secret baby romance by Maya Blake! “He’ll take his place as my heir. And you’ll live as my wife.” Eighteen months after one incredible night, tycoon Ekow Quayson can’t get Evangeline Annan off his mind. But after a shock reunion puts them face-to-face, they’re united by more than their burning desire… Eva's had his baby! She was forced to hide her pregnancy, but now Eva will wear Ekow’s ring for the sake of their son. For the sake of her heart, she demands a marriage in name only. Yet, when they’re alone, Ekow’s touch might prove too irresistible to deny their marital bed… From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds. Read all the Ghana's Most Eligible Billionaires books: Book 1: Bound by Her Rival's Baby Book 2: A Vow to Claim His Hidden Son

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"Lukas and Darla had been close friends until her father caused the fire that killed five Amish men, including himself and the mill owner, Lukas's father. Now Lukas is responsible for the mill and his three siblings. But when he learns Darla's brother is taking his anger out on Darla, Lukas can't simply stand by and watch"--

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Happily Ever After Marriages only happen in fairy tales. In Kingdom Marriage, the goal is contentment which is peace and stability no matter what is going on. Contentment is resting in Christ who has power over the chaos of life. The level of contentment is directly proportionate to the level of commitment each spouse has to the covenant relationship of marriage. Kingdom Marriage: The Vow of Commitment looks into each marital vow and what they mean beyond the wedding ceremony.

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As novice master of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani in Kentucky, Thomas Merton presented weekly conferences to familiarize his charges with the meaning and purpose of the vows they aspired to undertake. In this setting, he offered a thorough exposition of the theological, canonical, and above all spiritual dimensions of the vows. Merton set the vows firmly in the context of the anthropological, moral, soteriological, and ecclesial dimensions of human, Christian, and monastic life. He addressed such classical themes of Christian morality as the nature of the human person and his acts; the importance of justice in relation to the Passion of Christ, to friendship and to love; and self-surrender as the key to grace, prayer and the vowed life. Merton's words on these topics clearly spring from a committed heart and often flow with the soaring intensity of style that we have come to expect in his more enthusiastic prose. The texts of these conferences represent the longest and most systematically organized of any of numerous series of conferences that Merton presented during the decade of his mastership. They may be the most directly pastoral work Merton ever wrote.

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Profiling mid-twentieth-century Boston as a time in which devout families routinely provided children for a life of religious service to the Catholic church, the son of a former priest and nun describes how his parents met while ministering to the inner-city poor and fought to continue serving in the priesthood after their marriage. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

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A book that gives a profound explanation of how one can relate with the Immaculate by means of "the Marian Vow" of total consecration to the Immaculate that is transformative and life-changing. This book is a treatise on total consecration to the Immaculate, conceived initially by St. Maximilian M. Kolbe and has developed into the distinctive charism of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Such charism finds its consummation in the profession of this Marian consecration in the form of a religious vow, known as, "The Marian Vow." Finding its original inspiration in St. Maximilian Kolbe who envisioned of a "fourth vow" of consecration that puts no limit to the missionary work of the religious, Fr. Stefano Manelli, the founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate continued with the same inspiration and develop it to include both Marian and missionary character. This book is the theological and ascetical explanation of this Marian Vow. The book is not, by all means, exclusive to the Franciscans of the Immaculate. One can find universal insights based on solid spiritual theology of how one can relate in a more personal way with the Immaculate who ceases to be just a mere figure of veneration; she becomes alive and present to one's soul in a unique way that is transformative and life-changing. This book is utterly unique and inspired. As the Founder and Father General of the entire family of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (Friars, Sisters, Poor Clares, Tertiaries, and M.I.M.), Fr. Stefano has distilled, and put into writing for his children, the illumination he has received about the Marian Vow over the past decades. This work is the fruit of his life of prayer, study, and missionary activity. It is the fruit of his profound union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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Sridhar Verma at the age of twenty-two lived a perfect life which comes crashing down for him in a moment and he realizes to gain what he has lost he has to fight traditions and social norms. Maheswari Verma the matriarch of the Verma family is proud of her legacy as a freedom fighter's sister. But her principles are questioned at every step when a girl walks into her family like a storm opening the secrets of the past. Suman Rajput the girl who wanted to fly .But the path she chooses to get wings lands her in a cage from where it looks like there is no opening and that cage is the truth of her life. Sudhir Verma the second son of Verma family carries a fire underneath his calm demeanor, a fire that desperately needs a direction. Will Sridhar succeed in his battle, Will Maheswari stand by her principles, Will Suman get her wings, Will Sudhir get the direction, most importantly whether the Verma family stand together against the odds to emerge victorious, to know read Seven Vows set in mid-nineties in the pink city of Jaipur. The tale of love, passion, compassion and above all that celebrates humanity.